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Originally Posted by sharpy_77 View Post
What kind of asshole steals a hookah from a party..
some people piss me right off..

I hope you find out who it was, then smash an ed hardy vase over their head!

sm0ke Ez
Honestly, I really wish I knew. It's hard to think that someone is pathetic enough to steal a hookah. You pretty much have to be a complete asshole to steal something that I purchased, and am deciding to share.

Hell, If they wanted to get started smoking, They could have asked if I had an extra pipe, and I would have pretty much given my Mini Havana pipe to them.

I love sharing and talking about hookah with new people, If they smoke with me and enjoy it, It makes me happy that they appreciate it.

I'm really upset that with the fact that I made the money working my ass off to purchase a quality pipe for myself to enjoy.
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