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Default Re: Tobacco Brands Compared

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
Nak is .5% unwashed should have a buzz, big clouds if packed right and huge taste if packed right as well...any other result is from setting it up wrong
starbuzz is soupy tobacco loaded with glycerin so of course the clouds are huge, with the exception of a couple flavors it pretty much tastes bad and has no buzz at all, its over the most over priced stuff you have listed here
AF is mostly bad, but there are a few good flavors its also really low in buzz and tends to have pretty good clouds....the mint flavor is pretty damn good
hookahfreak is not worth discussing as i wont smoke it
nammor is a hose....i think you mean Romman, this is similar stuff to starbuzz except its also .5% so it might give you a little buzz, its also drenched in glycerin

the best tobacco you have listed here is nakhla

although almost every brand has its good flavors, you just need to figure out which flavors those are need to start experimenting with different flavors in different brands and develop your tastes
i started off smoking starbuzz and then learned better
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