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Default Re: Tobacco Brands Compared

OK. so this thread is good in theory but is a bit interesting when read lol. Heres how it breaks down how the OP ws intending(I think :/)

Each brand has a reputation based on the majority of their flavors(eg. cut, smoke, taste)

-Nakhla: Big Clouds, Big Flavor, Traditional style shisha, Dry, Medium Cut, Big Buzz, Most Flavors are "Herby"(meaning close to the spice of the flavor vs the candy version)
-AF: Always Red, Medium to Big Clouds, good flavor, wet, fine cut, very little buzz.
-Starbuzz: Big Clouds, Sweet Candy flavors Medium Cut, Wet, Very small buzz
-Fantasia: Big Clouds, Good flavor, Many Flavors based off of alcoholic beverages, Very wet, super fine cut, medium buzz, also note that the use a small bit of alcohol in their flavors, which burns off and is irrelevant although i know some people will not smoke it because of religious reasons.
-Fumari: Big Clouds, Big Flavor, Thick/Dense Smoke, Very Fine cut, small buzz
-romman: Big Clouds, OK Flavor, More Candyish versions od flavors than spice. medium buzz

I have not had HH, HF, Layalina, and a few others enough to make a general consensus but feel free to add or edit.

On a side note, I wish one of these was in a sticky lol. Kinda giving a GENERAL(being the key word) summary of each brand(cut/buzz/smoke). Keep in mind the word GENERAL. some of the companies flavors will not fit the summary, for better or worse, so go out and try them. for example I love nakhla. best shisha out there in my opinion. I will smoke anything nakhla and tell someone trying to convice me something is better to get the hell out To the point: Nakhla mint is quite possibly one of their worst flavors and ill smoke AF mint till i cant smoke anymore lol. just an example. so take general generally pls.

To the OP, ive seen some of your posts around a bit and some of your questions are pretty basic use the search and you can save yourself a bunch of time. If you can find it and think its a quick yes or no question, feel free to pm me im always happy to help a brotha out lol

Sorry for the long post.


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