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Default Re: Phunnel bowl jumps off the top of KM

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
get a mod bowl grommet
Originally Posted by chewymatingcall View Post
Actually if its leaning it is probably too small. Double (triple) up grommets and see what happens
good thoughts, but i need something in the opposite direction, more like an ultra-thin grommet...

Originally Posted by dest2ko View Post
I'm assuming your male adapter at the top of the stem is too large for the bowls? Are these standard clay Egyptian bowls? Clay phunnels? Even the inside? That's odd.. Almost sounds like the core of the bowls are made of KY Jelly :P I've never seen one do this before. I'll take a look at the stems on those models. With tons of heat, a rubbery or the like material should expand into its environment and thereby secure the air seal even more, no? At least when you're not moving it, that is... Hrm.. The male side must be really really big to straight up reject it like that
the adapter fits into the bowls with no grommet, but the bowl wobbles a little and doesn't seal enough for my liking. i have 4 different bowls: 2 standard eqyptians, one small egyptian, and a phunnel (medium? it's about 5" tall i guess, maybe 2.5-3" across the top). all are glazed clay i think the problem was that the gasket was too thick, so i couldn't get the gasket and bowl all the way down, just to a "wedging" point. [my mya grommet was actually so thick and squishy that when you pushed the bowl down, it'd actually spring back into your hands.] once it got good and hot, the portion above the tip of the stem sagged downward and inward a little (that'd be how i melted a gasket using my tiny eqyptian bowl) and allowed the bowl to move. the hookah's not moving except for the vibration made from bubbling.

so far, so good with the new egyptian gasket. i think i'm going to buy several of them so i have them handy and maybe i'll try sanding/shaving one down a couple mil and see if i can't get a better fit.
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