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Default Re: starbuzz

Its the only Decent Brand my Local Shop carries... Besides that its like Havana which just smells bad. I usually stop by my local shop once a week because its beside my bank, so I end up picking up something.

I do like starbuzz... but their misses are way off.
Blue Mist
was way way way way to sweet for me, I feel like smoking spoonfuls of sugar. Girls usually like it though.
Safari Melon at first I didnt like it, but my roommates and friend told me I had to order more for them. So I did, after I smoked it so many times I find it refreshing.
Tangerine Dream is good.... Infact I am smoking it now, but I feel like I need to try some Orange Cream from Fumari to really compare.
Strawberry Margarita - Taste like Skittles, The girls love it, So Ill probally pick up a 250g of it.

Winterfresh I didnt like..... It tastes like winterfresh though, I dont know what I was thinking
Grape was pretty bland....
Passion Kiss was Uck. Again something my friends kinda like.

Ive had like 2 or 3 others but cant remember. I wanna try some Pirates Cave but haven't placed an order that I can attach it to yet.Really wish SaharaSmoke carried Starbuzz or Fumari.

When it comes to Price vs Quality... So far I like AF. Nakla hasn't delivered for me yet but am hoping I will find a flavor that will.
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