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Default Re: You're an idiot.

I am an idiot for everytime I put my coals on the stove and forget about them because am into tv or a conversation

I am an Idiot for forgetting to turn the stove off multiple times *I am going to buy a timer so everytime I start the burner the timer will remind me to turn it off*

I am an Idiot for thinking I can carry coals from the stove to the living room with just my Tongs

I am an Idiot for trying to walk away with the hose in my hand.....

I am an idiot for packing a bowl fresh and getting up to get the foil and knocking the bowl over and losing all my shisha to the carpet and dog hair.

I am an Idiot for having drunk friends... Gees last weekend a Friend dropped a coal on the table and tried to pick it up with hands saying he could handle hot stuff easy, he through it across the room once he got it about half way up. Gees hes a dumbass. *am still amazed how he got it half way up though*
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