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Default Nammor Hose

Nammor Hose
Just purchased the large black nammor hose, from

This, is probably (in my opinion) the best hookah hose on the market! I would highly recommend this to anyone, hookah size doesn't matter. i've tried this on a small 12' Mya hookah, and a 24' bohemian hookah, the pull is amazing, you barley have to inhale. The hose has a large diameter, and a 12' handle, it easily draws a lot of smoke.

I have compared, this hose to the cobra, and a traditional hookah hose, and there really is a difference. It's much easier to inhale, and get a large amount of smoke with this Nammor hose.
Shisa flavors, and brands are subjective to individuals. But proper setup and hookah care is not.
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