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Default Bowls

Again I thank

I just tried a large Funnel bowl: Where to start... it is nice, but it was very large. I like the concept more than i do the product. It was just to large it really took awhile to heat the shisha. I think if you're going to use a funnel bowl, get the one with the mod, that is much better. Or even a smaller funnel bowl.

Egyptian bowls, i like the traditional egyptian bowls, for personal use. if the bowl is flat i have a stainless steel spacer (or a coupling as they call it at the hardware store)that i place on the edge of the bowl to raise it above the tin foil so it really helps with heat management, and doesn't burn the shisha

However I just got a smaller vortex bowl, and I LOVE it! the vortex bowl draws the smoke from the side, it really heats the shisha evenly, and NO you will not draw any shisha through the holes.

This is probably my favorite bowl ever, i would highly recommend this, it keeps the shisha moist much much longer, heats evenly, so you never get a harsh taste during your session.

Shisa flavors, and brands are subjective to individuals. But proper setup and hookah care is not.
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