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Default Large amount of smoke for any hookah

Shisha: Starbuzz
Hookah: Size doesn't matter all that much
Ice Base: not mandatory, but it does help cool the smoke, sometimes i throw a slice of lime in there too for flavor, and cooling of the smoke.
Coals: natural or quick light, I use only 2 at a time, for a nice steady heat

Bowl: I recommend a vortex bowl to keep the shisha moist, and prevent any harsh smoke.
a wind screen will help heat it faster, and maintain a constant temperature, and coals will last longer!!!

I also use a diffuser. and heavy duty aluminum foil double wrapped. with small holes poked around the very out side about 1/4 in apart. not too many because i like a little resistants but thats entirely up to you.

Most importantly I use a large Nammor Hose, the draw, and pull is amazing, easy to draw deep smoke. filling the base with water i usually keep the bottom of the stem about 1/2 - an inch under the water level

This works for me, to get very large clouds like i said for any hookah. I tried this with a 12 in mya hookah, and the clouds were insane

Shisa flavors, and brands are subjective to individuals. But proper setup and hookah care is not.
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