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Default Shisha Brands

This review is an overall review by brands and is entirely subjective:
Remember the saying " you get what you pay for"

Well I was reminded of this when i purchased epic smoke shisha, and Havana shisha.

epic smoke, (mint chocolate chip) contains .05% tar!! and i think they forget to cut it, i went to pack my bowl and it was just a large leaf, it was so bad i had to rip it apart my self. it smoked horrible, and tasted worse. I was really disappointed the first think i look for is a decent cut, that plays a huge roll into how it is going to smoke

havana, (Jasmine), first of all, i think there were more large stems than tobacco. then the tobacco was very dry, you could have rolled a cigar with it. I don't mind a few stem here and there but when it contained large amount of large stems, i was not impressed. the cut was better than epic smoke however. ps Jasmine is a great tasting flavor though i recommend starbuzz jasmine flavor

I never had a problem with Starbuzz, the cut is great, not many stems, it is very moist, full of flavor, last a long time

Hypnosis is another decent one

I will never try hookah hookah again personally i did not like that, nor did i like soex, and the herbal brand

Al fakher is popular, it has many flavors the cut is ok, it is moist, however it doesn't burn as long as starbuzz or romman

I usually use starbuzz, hypnosis, or romman, i really like nakhla mizo, much more moist than traditional nakhla
Shisa flavors, and brands are subjective to individuals. But proper setup and hookah care is not.
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