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Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
NHT= Non-Hookah-Tobacco, if you get my drift.

Although, I think NT (Non-Tobacco) would be more accurate for us, since there are occasional reviews of Dokha and the like.
cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, dip, snuff, snus, dokha, loose-leaf/pipe! check out all that "non-hookah-tobacco"

i do actually have a question though. where do we stand on alcohol? i mean, obviously i'm not going to do a review falling-down drunk or take a dozen shots while trying to complete a review, but i do tend to (legally) drink beer while smoking. i figure it's the same guidelines as drinking in public (in a college town...), pour it in a cup and don't act like a drunken asshat. additionally, (though this doesn't effect me, i'm just curios) since our smoking age is 18 regardless of a person's local laws, i'm assuming that our drinking age is 21 worldwide?
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