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Default Re: Smoking from a fruit bowl?

The way I did it with an orange( I think it would be bomb with an apple):

-Cut the top of the Fruit for the bowl

-Before you start scooping out the inside, make a hole on the bottom big/deep enough to hold the fruit in place.

-When you start scooping LEAVE A 1/2" LAYER OF FRUIT between the stem hole and what will be the bowl

-Also leave about a half inch on the sides, in order to keep the juices of the fruit

-Once your done scooping, you will have a bowl shape, in which you cant see through. There should be that layer of fruit.

- take a poker and poke 75 or so little holes(i mean like minuscule, just enough for airflow. You make a ton of little holes versus a few big ones.) They should be so little you can barely see them.

- Now poke about 300 holes(same size. VERY LITTLE) on the outside of the bowl. All around it, on the sides. This will create a bunch of airflow.

-THE REASON YOU DO THIS IS MORE WITH THE REALLY JUICY FRUITS. it keep all the juices in but still has alot of airflow.

-pack it up nice and fluffy. keep in mind the juices of the fruit will thicken up the shisha and make it more dense. so pack it fluffy to over compensate.

-Add foil. Poke a normal amount of holes. Not more or less, but normal. You keep the foil airflow as the constant, and the holes all of the fruit the variable. if you need more airflow, poke more holes in the fruit. this way you know the holes in the fruit are the problem if airflow isnt right.

-you may need an extra coal if its a super juicy fruit( I used an orange)

-smoke it like a champ

I know this seems like a long process but it took about 10 min total to do. not very long, just make sure you get the airflow right. In order to test it you can blow up through the stem hole and judge the airflow.

Hope this helps
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