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Default Re: hookah and money

I generally just cover it. maybe a friend and i will go in on something if we have to get something in a particular. Occasionally people offer a few bucks here and there. I do understand you though. Once in a while its fine to treat it, but when it happens regularly and people are always requesting a different flavor it gets a bit overbearing lol. If it gets to be a problem, tell a mini fib(or not :/) and say you have no cash to spare and are out at the moment, so if they want to smoke hookah they gotta buy the shisha/coals. if you can get other people to buy everything one night every 4 or 5 sessions id consider that a win.

best of luck, I know its a happy medium that people get pissy about but its something you gotta address if its bothering you to much, I get in the occasional "Im getting screwed" funk so i hear ya
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