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Default Re: hookah and money

Originally Posted by linerndunch110 View Post
yea thats probably the best way to do it. be like "Im having a bit of trouble covering all the costs, so wanna go in a bunch in bulk and just spilt the costs? itll be cheaper." also, depending how much you spend/how many people are going in on it, heres an idea. if you can rack up 70ish/80ish dollars worth of shisha/coals and whatever, have someone pay an extra 20$(or whatever the difference is, that you need to get to 100) and get the free hookah from its a 40$ value so theyd be getting a deal. That way youd be splitting the cost from then on between at least 1 person.

I know 100$ is a lot but if you get 4 people to chip in thats 20 bucks each plus 20 buck extra for the person who wants the hookah. also, 80 dollars worth of shish will last you at least 6 months by the way your smoking. you'd get about 2kilos depending on the brand.
do they let you get the free hookah twice? I did that about a week ago but with just a little shisha and various new hookah parts, my nammor hoses are almost here!! but yeah I think ill just try spliting the cost with some of the frequent flyers
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