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Default Re: hookah and money

Originally Posted by PBRpunx14 View Post
you've set yourself a bad precedent by always coming through with the hookah. i will ask though, is the generosity reciprocal? if its a party, is there food? is there booze?

i don't think i could smoke $10 worth of hookah a day. figure coals are something like 10-20 cent a piece depending on the brand. tobacco varies, but even if you're paying $20 for a 250g, that's still less than $3 for a 35g bowl. that's 3 large bowls a day, every day... i couldn't do it.
we havent been buying in 20 dollar 250 g tins weve been buying just 50 g boxes and around 5 bucks a box. it seemed cheaper at the time. but I think for now on im gonna just orfer online. then I can try other brands thatn fantasia, starbuzz and AF
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