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Default Re: hookah and money

In regards to the Hookah-Shisha code not working, I am not sure why it isn't. I am also having the same problems, I was going to buy 2-250 grams of Social Smoke the other day. As I was checking out, the code didn't work. Today I added a Mya Gyro to my cart, as well as Nammor hose, vortex bowl, and a few other miscellaneous items and the code worked. And saved me $35.00. I thought you only had to spend $25 for the code to work.

And what you need to do is show up to your friends house next time WITHOUT the hookah. When the pester you, just say guys I can't afford to buy all the stuff for us everytime. If you want it here just give me 20 each and I will buy a shit load of shisha online.
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