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Default Need Hookah Help [Phunnel]

Hey All,

So I'm not new to smoking, just new to the Phunnel bowl. I tried utilizing it today, and perhaps its the way I packed the tangiers or how i poked the holes (or both). But I packed the Tangiers TIGHT, juice was oozing when I pressed. Additionally I made sure that the shisha was not touching the foil.

My hole pattern was many small holes in a circular formation, with one bigger hole in the middle.

I used 3 Coconut Coals, distributed as typically shown.

I wasn't getting much smoke, some decent hits, but nothing like I see in videos. So I need some help to get this bad boy going! Btw, smoking a KM Red Pearl 36" (2 Hose), and of course the other person was plugging their hose when I pulled. Narbish v3 hoses, and the water level is right above the stem notch...

Let me know.

Thanks and smoke happy

KM Americana w/ Illusion Base 34"
KM Quad Metal 2011 w/ Clear Jumbo (Gold Trim) 32"
KM Kamanja w/ Bohemian Base (Gold Trim) 26"
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