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Default Re: SB 5340 - 2009-10

Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
Aral, if it's such a big deal, you're only about 2-3 hours from Oregon. Get a P.O box and drive in when you get a package. (I'd suggest one where you can be notified or recieve a message if requested when you get something.)
I can fly their for free actually, but thats not the point. If i have to drive 2-3 hours out of my way, using gas and putting miles on my truck that is not a good "solution" in my book. Tabacco is perfectly legal, so thier is no good reason that they should bar it from being shipped to MY door. its not Hazmat, or DG. Its recreational nicotine. furthermore, people can ship cigars that meet certain requirments, so whats the difference between that and any other form of tabacco? stupid politicians trying to make Washington "smoke free".
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