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Default all this talk about fruit bowls has got me thinkin

ok, i realize you can use fruit to make your bowl from, apple bowl, pear bowl, etc. but what about using fruit in your bowl. it seems to me that you would get the same effect if you were to take a phunnel or vortex bowl, then take a few slices of your favorite fruit and lay it around the outside of the bowl before packing your shisha in. so basically you'd have the rim of the bowl, then a layer of fruit, and then your shisha. seems to me that when heated the fruit would give of steam and juices that would help add to the flavor of the smoke just as it does when you're using the fruit as the bowl. also it would be a great way to help use less shisha in your phunnel or vortex bowl if you're just smoking by yourself.

has anyone tried this? if so how did it go over? i'd set this up and try it out for myself, but alas i am still hookah-less. lol
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