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Default Al Fakher watermelon, El Fakher fake.

Sup guys. The other day me and my friends decided to go to an Persian grocery round my corner which sell hookahs etc. We bought watermelon flavour, but it wasn't until we got home that we realised it was fake, mainly to do with the fact that it was spelt 'El Fakher.'

Suprisingly, I could not wait to smoke it, it smelt amaaaaaaziiiiiinnnggggggg and really genuine.
The taste also, when you blow out it leaves a really really distinctive taste of watermelon, but more of the sour sweet watermelon.

We bough 250 grams for 7 pounds (14 dollars) but now we're going to buy some genuine Al Fakher watermelon, anyone advise me whether the AF watermelon one is good?
Peace, G.
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