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Default Re: Smokeshop closing sale!

Originally Posted by Maylene View Post
Boy oh boy where to begin!

Went out today to search for a reasonably priced pipe to tide me over until I could get my hands on a new KM. Had $30 cash in hand, hoping to find anything that resemble a hookah.

I go to a local middle eastern store, all the seemed to have was overpriced Starbuzz hookahs and cheap chinese crap that was rediciously over priced. I asked If they had any pipes in my price range, he showed me a pumpkin hookah that looked beyond trashed. Honestly looked like it had been used and returned. I walked out pretty quickly.

Drove to my pick up place for coals and accessories, they had nothing that was worth buying. All they had was starbuzz hookahs, some overpriced Multihose KM's and actually, a decent priced MZ $70.00 + tax looked to be 30". Out of my budget, I left. I pondered on where to go next and it struck me that there was a smoke shop that was kind of out of my way, I decided to go have a look, as i've had nothing to loose.I drove a good 15-20mins, and found the place.

As I walked towards the door, I noticed the window said "Going out of business, everything must go". Quite excited, I walked in and was greeted, I told the owner that I was in need of a pipe and proceeded to tell him my story about how my KM butterfly was jacked at a party, and how i've been looking for a pipe to tide me over until I can order a new one.

He said that he didn't have any more KM's left. But he had one more Hypnosis hookah. He said it was in the back and he went to go get it. In my head I thought it was going to be a starbuzz espresso type pipe. To my surprise he brought out a very nice (and tall) looking pipe, with a fantastic ruby red vase with a etched design. He said, that it was knocked over, and the old vase broke. He never go a chance to put it back out.

I inspected the pipe to make sure there was no damage, it looked flawless.
I proceeded to ask him if he had any bowls, to my surprise he had a mod bowl and a caravan Phunnel bowl.

I picked up a 16 piece box of coconaras that I found and went to the register. To my surprise, the total tallied to a splendid $26.00. Total score! I thanked the owner and proceeded on my way!

The pipe it's self is very sturdy, the stem is rather heavy not to mention a decent gauge, actually pretty close to a KM gauge. It's a common chamber, but who really cares. Can't wait to smoke out of this bad boy!

The pipe with the bowl stands about 28".
you shoulda put a whits cloth under it to make it pop ou t alil more other wise .....SCORE!!!
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