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Default Re: Jurak Intro (and how to get some)

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
This stuff is nothing like Contenement. In fact I don't think I can compare it to anything else i've had. It's that unique. I'll have some tasting notes up in a bit to give you an idea when I get a bit more time.

Apparently the family makes this stuff tells me that if the interest is high enough they will try to get small but regular shipments sent off to the U.S. (indierctly of course). Needless to say, small craft producers do face periodic distruptions and the U.S. is going out it's way to start a war with Iran so nothing is certain. Still, it's encouraging that a craft producer wants to sell in the states since in my experience they could care less about selling outside of the Middle East even when they have the ablity to do so.
I'm always happy to see quality artisan products get the respect they deserve and to see them reach the hands of those of us that are not able to experience them regularly. I hope that the family can find a beneficial way to export their products to the US without too much trouble and without cost being prohibitive.
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