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Default Re: can someone help me out

Originally Posted by Dusty62 View Post
Don't sneak smokes behind their back. As a parent of a recently graduated high schooler myself, i will openly admit that I'd kick my kids ever lovin' a** to the moon and back if I caught her lying to me about something. If the threat of being kicked out is there, show some maturity and responsibility and respect the wishes of your parents. If anyone can't rise to that level of maturity then they, iMHO, aren't mature enough to smoke in the first place. Take it for what it's worth. Smoke happy.


I completely agree with dusty... don't go lying to your parents man.. its not cool. My parents weren't happy when I started but we talked about it.. I only smoke outside. Your parents are taking care of you and let you stay in their house. Their house their rules.
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