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Default Re: Which would you choose of these three

Originally Posted by baysideftb91 View Post
Thanks everyone for all the advice and i agree coyotero, the hafa is very plain. I think i am sold on the Trimetal Halzone as of right now. Also will a copper inner tube as durable and work as good as a stainless steel one? and is that a trust worthy site to order from? lol thanks
Copper inner stem is awesome!

I've got one. Copper is used for heatsinks and cooling components on computer parts because it is very good at dispersing heat.

Me and a friend have tested this side-by-side with two KM's, his with a steel stem, mine copper. Mine smoked noticeably cooler.

The downstem will take minor dings rather easily, but other than that it won't make a difference.

Also, the copper oxidation may turn the water a greenish color the first few times you use it. It's nothing to worry about and it does go away.

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