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Default Re: How to get my GF to Start Smoking...

Originally Posted by Frolie View Post
I'm kinda shocked that some people here have actively tried/offered advice to make people start smoking.
It's an unhealthy potentially addictive hobby that you're pushing, people should only start out of their own interest and choice.
Get her drunk, have an intimate moment, pretend the hookah pipe is your ========= and trick her into sucking it, lol.

Sorry that was in horrible taste but I could not resist.

My woman cracks me up because if I offer it to her, she will not smoke but when I have a social gathering and everyone is smoking, she is like a Dyson Vacuum cleaner with the hose. It is difficult to convincing someone to do something that is harmful to their body. Hookah is not for everyone and she will either try it or not but that decision is up to her, all you can do is be supportive of her choice.
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