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Default Re: Looking for a New hookah

Originally Posted by khalsafauji View Post
AF Medium Solid -
I have a 23in KM and love it, but I just ordered the AF. I haven't gotten it yet, comes thursday, but it looks gorgeous and has gotten pretty amazing reviews.
You can't go wrong with a KM or AF.
Im not really digging it to be honest, That disk thing at the bottom especially.

Originally Posted by alanpeterson68 View Post has a lot of great pipes you just have to find one that fits your price range. I really like this rig its a Km Mini Heart of the lion its 22" tall and is $80.00 -->

here is a nice looking Km exotica for $80.00 also Its green and stands 30" tall -->

Discount hookah has a nice looking Km carnival for like $75 and its 28" tall I'm not too crazy about the base but maybe you are into it.

Dirt cheap hookahs has a Km Hafa for $90 and its 31" tall I personally like the way this package looks -->
KM Mini Heart of the lion: Looks nice
KM Exotica: looks almost exactly like mine, so ima pass on it.
KM Hafa:I agree, Comes with a lot of extras. The base though.. nothing special to me, hmmm..
KM Carnival: Looks nice too,
Does the hookah store hookahs not come with bowls? Whats up with that? Or do they? idk the picture doesnt show a bowl.

Originally Posted by khalsafauji View Post
The stem on the Americana is really nice . . .
I dont like the base lmao

Originally Posted by alanpeterson68 View Post
Tell us what you are looking for and we will try to help you out. Whatever you decide to get make sure you have a WASHABLE HOSE and a nice bowl like a Vortex or a Phunnel. Those two items are a must, also consider a Xl wind cover.
Thanks for your help alan! I appreciate it. I already have a nammor hose so I got the washable down. I still need a funnel/vortex bowl, I went to a smoke shop recently and they didnt have any :O, Actually even their regular bowls were really cheap (low quality) I was thinking of just throwing one, On the potter's wheel that is.
Looks really nice also, Im loving the red, also a possiblity

Just got to keep looking and decide. Thanks again.
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