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Default Ghosting like crazy

My MZ is ghosting so bad it's starting to take the enjoyment out of my sessions. It's not even just previous flavors, it's old smoke taste. I tried baking soda and water, lemon juice and water, baking soda and water and vinegar, lemon juice and water and vinegar, dish soap and water, and every other possible combination of those components. I use the brushes that came with my pipe, completely flush the hose out, clean out the purge valves, let the hose drip dry, the whole nine yards. Yet, still, I can taste old smoke and flavors from bowls I packed 2 or 3 sessions ago. I even soaked my bowl in rum to dissolve the gunky carbon off.

Everything smells pretty clean after I'm done, but the flavor is still off. Does anybody have a foolproof way to kill ghosting? I'm using a SS washable hose, by the way, and my first 2 bowls with this pipe were nothing short of perfect.
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