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Default Re: modern looking KM's

Originally Posted by harestgainer View Post
lol no im not, which is why I said most people on here wont like it.....but its a actual option for the OP. It costs a lot and most people on here look own upon that hookah and the brand in general(which is fine) But if price isnt a big deal for OP and he wants a modern/hip hookah, why not go that route? It makes sense if he likes the brand and the hookah itself has already proven it is a quality hookah.....just way over priced. But discount hookah store beats just about everyone by like $100 on them....
The thing is, it's not a quality hookah. It's a rebranded inhale hookah. Inhale is a chinese company that produces some of the cheapest, chinziest, least-durable crap on the market today.

Buy an Inhale (Ed Hardy) hookah and it might last two years with careful treatment.

Buy a KM, and pass it on to your grandkids.

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