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Default Anyone knows this HP member?

Recently I was looking for AF tobacco, and I saw a guy selling it in the trade section, his name was x 0hookah0 x. I asked him about the AF, he was quite friendly and awnsered my questions within ours.
Anyway, I bought some AF tobacco from him.
I paid the money on May 27th. That was a thursday. It would take him 2-3 days to withdraw the cash from paypal, and that monday was a banking day in the UK, so he would ship it on June 2nd.

After 9 days, I still got nothing, so I messaged him about it. He would send me a message if he shipped out the tobacco, but he didn't. No awnsers from him. I checked his HP page. Last login day was May 28th, one day after I paid the cash.
In other words.. just a scam. I know trading is at own risk..

My question: did anyone trade with this guy, x 0hookah0 x, before? Or anyone knows him? He lives in London..
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