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Default New Social Smoke Take 2 and Greatest Hits!

I was checking out when I saw they had some new things going on... So I figured I'd let you guys know about it if you didn't already know.

They have a new TAKE 2 tin, which seems to be a 100gram tin with 2 seperate 50G flavors inside. You can make your own or you can choose from a few of their presorted flavors. They are individually packaged but alot of the pre sorted flavors look like they would be excellent blends. Especially Lemon and Lime . There is also a TAKE 4 option, which is 4 flavors rather than 2.

Also, they have a Greatest hits 200G tin that has 4 flavors rather than 2. This seems to, as the name would suggest, offer their best sellers. But also gives you a chance to try a few different flavors in the same family, like the all berry package.

This to me is an awesome idea, since 1. Social Smoke doesnt sell 50G packages, and 2. this allows you to save money since, they dont have to make up a whole new packaging scheem, and 3. You get 2 or 4 packages in one can rather than 2 or 4 cans, which saves them money and in turn saves you money aswell. Im surprised no one has done this yet.

Im kinda glad they came out with this idea after the contest so we got 100G packages rather than 50G
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