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Default Re: A Good Bowl For One...

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
I use teeny-weenie egyptian bowls when I'm smoking for myself. They work great.
QFT. i thought i had a "small egytpian" bowl until twoapplesplease posted the pic of his with a quarter inside it. [] even that bowl would be fine for solo smokes, but an american quarter dollar is the size of the top opening of my "small egyptian" bowl that i got for $3 at the local hookah lounge. 2 rounds of 1 coal and your done, 60-70 minutes max.

alternate thought: just b/c you're smoking by yourself doesn't mean you can't enjoy a 2-hour session. watch a movie, read something interesting, listen to some music and just casually smoke. you don't need to 'hoover on the hose' to keep it smoking well by yourself.
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