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Default Re: Anyone knows this HP member?


- His last login day was May 28th, I made my payment on May 27th. So one day after my payment he goes offline for 2+ weeks without giving me one awnser.
- He doesn't awnser e-mails, HP messages.
- I got his facebook account via his e-mail adress. I made a fake account to message him, but he added that account to his blocked members list.

So I'm 100% sure it's just scam.. or he should have some really good reasons for not awnsering me for more than 2 weeks but block me on FB meanwhile.
I mailed Tunisiano, he met him in person once and told me he lives in West London. When I am at home again I'll post his FB, and I'll try to get friends with him with a fake account so I can maybe get his adress or more information.
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