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Default Re: F@#@# Just broke one of my bros hookahs

Thanks guys. Its not that big of a deal, it wasnt the best hookah anyway. Sorry to everyone that this has happened to I guess it happends more often than I thought lol.

Originally Posted by Robbo873 View Post
thank sucks dude, does it got a hole in it? or just a chip?
Its got a hole

Originally Posted by devsterman View Post
Sorry about that. That sucks. Just remember though: there is always someone who has/had worse happen...

Great example:
Yeah you're right. I remember that.

Originally Posted by alanpeterson68 View Post
Ouch sorry to hear that bro. You can try to patch it up but it really needs to be replaced.

Here is a Green Shimmer base from

You would be the best brother ever if you got him a KM Jumbo base

I know these this "Small Letters Vase" will fit a Km, and this Mini Frosted vase will also fit.
The small letters vase looks nice, Ill probably get that. I dont want anything fancy, like the jumbo, Im going to buy a new hookah from the same site anyways Thanks Alan!
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