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Default Re: What should my next hookah be?

Originally Posted by JediSpam View Post
how exactly is a rotator or a multi-hose with an auto-seal function a gimmick? i prefer single hose pipes myself but just wondering where this is established

Auto-seal pipes tend to rust shut or develop air leaks in the hose ports, sometimes very quickly, sometimes not at all, either way it's a gamble on a cool-sounding but ultimately unnecessary feature.

Same with rotators. They tend to be more likely to tip over due to the High center of gravity, combined with the stem moving about as it turns. The lounge I ran a few years ago had several rotators (A couple chinese ones and some Egyptian ones) and every one of them was plagued with problems from day one. Additionally, the bearings that cause it to rotate all seized up eventually and failed to function.

In short, there may be a few examples of these types of pipes out there that have worked well over the long term, but it seems to me that they are unnecessary features that tend to complicate the smoking process by being more prone to failure in the long term. When you make a product with a sub-par or pointless feature touted as a selling point, well, in marketing we call that a gimmick.

Any good mechanic will tell you that having less moving parts makes a more reliable machine, and it shows: The most well-respected and reliable pipes on the market (Khalil Mamoons, Magdy Zidans, Nours, Al Fakhers) all follow the same basic design principle, a pipe to bring the smoke to the water, another pipe to bring it out again, and a simple release valve. Less parts to rust, break, seize up, or lose means a more reliable overall system. And it shows through in the reputation that these pipes enjoy in the community.

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