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Default Re: pink hookah!!! (Argyle means hookah in Arabic)!!!

Originally Posted by araboyluvhookah View Post
i bought this one, gold, black, gray, Crystal, blue, green with some things on it i donno what u call them, i bought an MYA omg thats the most expansive one its like 150 $ over there but it has some good quality soo ill post all the pics asa i can coz i want ur opinions ty.

PS: o ya by the way i have the pics uploaded on myspace so juss add me as a friend there and ull get to see the hookahs their the best.... and ill post some others here asa i can ty again lol
I'm not a member of myspace or care to be. Anyway you could give us the bypass code so others who aren't on myspace can see your hookahs?
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