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Dude, Go to a food's store called Northpark produce, there's one in the Rancho Del Rey area, and one in north park. They carry nakhla, Starbuzz, Lyaliana, kings molassel, Alwah, and AF respectively. The also carry an assortment of accessories, such as hoses and even phunnel bowls.

as for hookahs they have KM's, Starbuzz, Chinese, and Mya's. All at very decent and reasonable prices.

Their coal selection is pretty wide, Fumari, coals, 3 kings, Coconaras and lots of other brands.

Seriously the best prices in San Diego that i've found. I go there often to pick up coals and little things, check it out.

Hope this is of some help

Prices off the top of my head.

Starbuzz $8.98 100g's
Nakhla 250g's $8.50
AF tubs 250g $14.99
Lyaliana & King Molassel 50g boxe's / tin $1.50 - $3.99

KM 3 hose $74.00
SB espresso hookah $35.00
Chinese $14.99-$45.00
Mya Qt $45.00

Coconaras $14.99 108pcs $3.99 16 pieces
Fumari $12.99
Japanese quick lite's $6.99
3 kings Box $14.99 1 roll $1.49

Generic hoses $5.49
mod bowl/w windcover $9.99 without $7.00
Phunnel bowl $8.49

There's so much more, but that's what I know roughly off the top of my head.
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