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Default Re: Havana Hibiscus?

Originally Posted by phoenixautumn View Post
A few years ago I bought a 50g box of Havana shisha from someone who said that the flavour was Hibiscus. Not sure if it tasted like Hibiscus, but it did taste very good, and I'd like to get some again. But looking online, I can't find any proof that a Hibiscus flavour even exists. I remember that the box itself didn't mention a flavour.

I'm pretty sure (though not 100%) that the box I had was the gray box in the left of this picture:

Is that the Pipe flavour? Even if is isn't really Hibiscus, I'd still like to get it again.

Also, can anyone tell me where I can find Havana Carrot flavour? I can't seem to find that online either.

Pipe Flavors Tend to be chocolate. Good luck finding what youre looking for.
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