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Default Re: Mizo flavor Poll

so far peach is in the lead. Looks like im going to have to try some peach. So far my gf's favorite flavor of tobacco is peach. She like both the romman peach and the starbuzz white peach. Id much rather smoke Mizo peach if it happens to taste as good as the voting seems to make it.

Now as far as mint goes, every once in a while i want to smoke a straight up mint bowl. Its a refreshing smoke and its nice and cool especially this time of year. Usually my go to mint for a straight up mint bowl is AF. Its a simple mint and has plenty of minty taste. Mizo mint is blow you out of the water super mint. I will smoke it straight up too but very rarely. Its an awesome flavor but sometimes you could say by itself it gets almost too minty. So I use it as a mixer and it lasts forever. In order for it to not over power whatever it is you mix it with i only use 5% mizo mint 10% at the most.
It mixes well with any other mizo, especially lemon and it mixes well with other brands too.
Because it has the ability to improve many other flavors thats why it gets my vote.
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