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Default Re: Nakhla only good in egyptian bowl

Damn yo relax. I don't think what he said was idiotic at all. In fact I kind of agree with him. One of the main points of a vortex bowl is that it's used to hold all the shisha juices at the bottom. Thats enough for me to reserve it for wet shisha only. It's my personal "preference". Maybe Hookahholic just had experiences with burning nakhla in his vortex and decided to share his opinion with someone who believes as he does. Don't jump down his throat over it.

Originally Posted by linerndunch110 View Post
To hookahholic:

even though the vortex was designed like the phunnel, meaning to hold the juices in, it has a different design too. It pull airflow from the entire bowl through the side holes in the spire. This is the reason shisha smokes differently than another pull. A vortex pulls from the side, a phunnel from the center, and a mod and Egyptian from the top. Notice I didn't say you get the utopia of flavor. Because of the difference in design, you will get a more round and even, mabye even mellower flavor. Not better or worse, just different. You should know that with something that is very much an art, meaning hookah, there is no right or wrong way to do something, just preference. Some people poke a strict 16 holes in a 12 outside 4 inside. Some do it random. Some put ice in the base. Some just use really cold water. Some use warm water. Some you unwashed hoses and others washed. Next time don't be so quick to say something is idiotic, because expierementation is why we have the luxury of choosing our preference.
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