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Default Re: Don't you hate it...

Originally Posted by HookahETC
When people claim MYA's are the best, but have never smoked from a quality Egyptian or Syrian. Or possibly even vise versa. I am not really a fan of MYA's, I like Egyptians/Syrians a million times more. Yet, I do hate it when people say Egyptians are way better yet they have never tried a MYA or any other Chinese Hookah.

I've never run upon someone that declared a narghile as good or bad without trying but most of the people I know that smoke have been doing so for a long time so that probably has something to do with it.

I never understood what most people that rave about Mya stuff see in those products although my tastes are totally against "mod" rigs and Chinese stuff in general. I will say that almost everyone I've meet that has used a decent Syrian or Egyptian rig prefers them to any Chinese one.
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