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Default Re: Nakhla only good in egyptian bowl

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post

Smokes the same in each of them. If you know your equipment, you know how to smoke out of it. I have 3 Vortex, 2 phunnel and 2 Eygtian and I get roughly the same session out of each.

Vortex tend to be deeper so getting the heat to reach all the way down sometimes is difficult without making the smoke too harsh. I actually chop up the Nakhla in a small Tupperware container with scissors to give it an AF cut, smokes all the way through in a vortex every time.

A medium phunnel will get you a good session off 3 coals. Once the goals are gone, the tobacco is normally finished as well.

Egyptians tend to leave a bit of tobacco on the bottom side untouched. Just come to be used to it at this point.
Mini Egyptian Ftw.
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