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Default Re: JMs Hookah 100g?

Originally Posted by Dakins View Post
JM's lemonade is better than Starbuzz's. Chocolate is good, tangerine is intense, lemon is decent, raspberry and blueberry are syrupy, watermelon is Jolly Ranchers with a fresh aftertaste. I've had other flavours but I can't remember them, guess they didn't make a big impression on me.

The tobacco withstands heat extremely well and produces great clouds. It's a good brand overall.

As for the dye thing: JM's Hookah tobacco used to have a natural brown colour, but soon after the product was introduced, they started adding red dye to the product. Some care, most don't.
I could swear the only reason they dye the tobacco is to hide the junk (i.e stems) or if they use some syrup instead of honey as a base.
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