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I am new to hookahs. A month ago, I received a "generic" rotator Egyptian as a gift. A few days later I bought my first "KM"
Then, a week later I bought 3 more KM's.
I ordered mine from
"Alvin" is a very nice guy, and he makes sure you are 100% satisfied with your order!

In my short experience owning 4 KM's. I think BIGGER IS BETTER. I started of with a 28", then got a 32", then two 38 inchers. In my opinion, the 38" inchers smoke much better, and look much better!

Started with this

Then went bigger, to 32"

Then went to 38"
(the "Double copper" is the heaviest, and best looking!!) (with the "Exotica" a very close second!)

I love and they have a 20% off sale on all hookahs right now.
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