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Default Looking to buy first time

Hi i'm new to this forum but not to hookah as i've been around it for a while. But have never gotten the permission to buy one but now I can I've been looking all over and reading and watching video's and what not. The two friends that i smoke hookah with both purchased theirs out of the country while either in Amsterdam or Turkey so i can't just head over their and buy one I found a Hookah that i liked on , i by far like the looks of the syrian models. The chiller stands out to me and seem like it would work well for me. But as reading one of the forum members review the 3 hose one (which i was planning on getting) seemed to have some issues. Does anyone else know if the auto seal doesnt work to well and i should maybe jut get a 2 hose?

link to hookah :

any feedback would be greatly apprieciated, also got a few more questions

Both of my friends use quick light coals but i see their is a a lot of people here that like natural coals and was wondering if i should get them also?

Also i was wondering if the hoses that come with usually are good/bad?
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