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Default Re: Looking to buy first time

That hookah is nice, but I'm not a huge fan of multiple hoses since they tend to leak. Not a huge fan of chillers either because it doesn't really cool the smoke a whole lot. The water in the base is what cools the smoke the most. I have a KM Tri-Metal and absolutely love it.

I use Exotica coals. I hope to get other naturals (Coco Nara's to be exact) soon since my Exoticas are finally starting to run low. I used to use quick lites but I like Naturals the best. In your case you can try different ones (brands and such)

As far as hoses. Stock hoses are nice usually, upgrades are completely optional. With hose upgrades you can get an easier draw, more smoke, ect. Another thing with stock hoses is there usually leather so there not washable. Getting something like a Razan like I use can be washed.
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