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Default Re: Forcefield to full power save the floor!

Originally Posted by Memories View Post
perhaps a cheap floor rug? By the college my friend goes to you can get a 6x9 shag rug for like 60 bucks... that way.. worst if worst comes to worst you at least don't have to replace the floor. Another thing you can do is a hookah table.. but you do loose the aesthetically pleasing part of looking at the base. My friend made one.. basically their is a hole in the table the size of the top of the vase which securely hold the hookah in place, and to take the hookah out, one size of the table folds up. Just 2 little ideas.
2 excellent ideas, but neither will work with the aesthetic of the room. Its going to be very simple and modern looking. So whatever solution I come up with needs to be one I can setup only when I smoke, and then put away when Im done
Unless the hookah table was also a very cool looking piece of furniture.
the cheap carpets flaw is that its a cheap carpet.
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