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Default Re: Forcefield to full power save the floor!

Originally Posted by trptguy007 View Post
although i'm interested to see if anyone comes up with something more novel, I have to say I would just get a small area rug that could be rolled up and stored. doesn't have to be huge. Also, not using round coals would help your potential rolling problem. If you must use quicklights, you can break them in half and then push the pieces back together on the bowl, so if they fell they wouldn't be in a shape that would facilitate rolling.
it was a cube of coconara that rolled, i do not use quicklights, it droped from 37" off the floor hit the tray's edge actually bounced off my sandle(i was not burned but had a black dot on my toe that i didnt even know i had until 3 hours later) and then rolled another 4 feet, came to a stop for probably less than a second, cause i was very quick to pick it up with the tongs

i was considering a small area rug, and i think this might wind up being the solution, however this solution involves me not being the least bit lazy as this will be a 3rd floor bedroom and the area rug would be stored in a basement when not in use, thats alot of stairs.

and yes, im looking for something more novel as well.
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