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Default Re: Forcefield to full power save the floor!

(1) ashtray the size of a novelty sombrero

(2) topless second "windcover?" basically what i'm thinking of is a metal tube that is slightly smaller diameter than your windcover and tall enough to extend abut 1" above the rim of the bowl. that way, you have vertical protective walls at all times, and you can still add/remove the full windcover for heat management.

(2.5) second mesh "windcover." --this one might actually be a reasonable idea-- get some wire mesh with maybe .25" openings, use your regular windcover as a model and roll the mesh around it to make a fake windcover that retains no heat but keeps coals from escaping. then you just switch them back and forth

(3) get some sort of low/wide fountain with a pedestal at the top. then you put the hookah on the pedestal when you're smoking. if a coal falls off, it's immediately extinguished, and you just have to clean out the fountain's filter. when you're not smoking, you can pretend its relaxing or something.

(4) make your own compressed coals. each coal will have a little loop of wire running through the center. the loop goes to a little hook on your ashtray so that if they do escape, they're caught, as long as the middle hasn't burned down too much...

alright, there's a decent idea, and some brainstorming that though unreasonable sounding, may help you to come up with an actual good idea.
good luck. pics when you get the penthouse suite all tricked out!
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