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Default Re: Forcefield to full power save the floor!

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
I have a really cool space that I usually smoke hookah in, its an attic that was turned into a "play room" by the previous owner of the house. Next month I will be remodeling it and making it more of serious play room. Sky-lights, plasma tv hanging from the ceiling, platform bed, new furniture, and im replacing the nasty carpet with a bamboo floor.

Anyway now if i put a burn hole in the carpet, i could careless. However the new room is going to be a big difference. I need a sure fire way to make sure that floor never has an accident.

I figured a simple solution like a towel under the hookah would be fine. Until last night when i dropped a coal and it proceeded to role 4 feet before it came to a stop.

Anyone know a 100% guaranteed solution to save my future floor? (answers like dont smoke in that room are not appreciated)
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