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Default Re: water getting in the tobbaco

dont know if he is older or younger what your living situation is but here we go:

1. Lock up your shisha. Either buy or build a lockable box to store your shisha, pipe, and pad the hell out of it. if you get revenge on the dick he is gonna try and one up you, maybe try and brake your pipe. Trust me, i throw baggage all day, and nothing is more secure than brakeables surrounded buy lots of soft padding.

2. exact revenge.

3. If he is a room mate of some kind set up a truce. no smoking in house vs. only in my room whatever. Do your best to prevent another occurance. no matter if he is older or younger you are obviously over 18 so you have the right to do whatever you want to your body. Unless your always around him doing it he needs to deal with it.

4. If agreement cant be reached, guard hookah with life. hide camera in your room to see what he tryies when your not their. Present evidence if found.
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